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Alchemy Sessions:

Journey Into Your Divine

The one-on-one Alchemy Sessions help you identify and heal the wound patterns keeping you trapped in the same energetic cycles. Some of us are gifted with being exceptionally sensitive to the energies around us. With these empathic abilities, it can difficult to separate ourselves from the outside world and commence our own healing. These Alchemy Sessions are designed with empaths, intuitives, healers, and natural nurturers in mind.

Each package includes a simple at-home practice to fully integrate the shifts you make in-session and keep the healing flowing. Each session with Caroline includes an intuitive reading and a guided imagery journey meditation where you work with your spiritual guides, your energy, your wounds, and truly connect with your divine self.

The three packages are available below:


“I’m looking for clarity.”

“I’m an empath that needs tools.”

The Base Package is a perfect introduction, jump start to healing, or basic training for empaths to gain tools and techniques to manage their energetic boundaries. It is the foundation of long term healing and also included as the base in both the Heart and Crown Packages.

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“I’m looking to heal and ascend.”

“I know what I want to work on, I just need a guide.”

The Heart Package is ideal for those with an idea of what they would like to work on energetically and emotionally or are ready for deep level healing even if they don’t know what it looks like yet. The Heart Package is designed around the energetic system of the body to clear, release, and transmute the blocks or stuck patterns and pave the way for healing and ascension.

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“I want to step into my power.”

“I want a breakthrough.”

The Crown Package is for those looking for a breakthrough and to step unapologetically into their own divinity. The Crown Package combines the benefits of both the Base and Heart package but takes it one step further by giving you the tools to learn to be your own sustainable healer and alchemist (turning lead into gold) for life.

The Crown Package is especially beneficial to healers, spiritual leaders, and light workers that feel their power is buried and are looking for a guide to help them unearth it.

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Coming Soon… Online Course for the ABC’s of Energy.

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  • Personal Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Guidance Sessions
  • Em+Fit Program (small group and individuals)
  • For Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning, and functional fitness check out Concentric Fit

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