Intuitive Wellness:

A quality or state of well-being that is innate and authentic to one’s soul.

  • Imagine yourself comfortably saying “Yes” when you want to say “Yes” and “No” when you want to say “No” without doubt or guilt.
  • Imagine yourself waking up in the morning feeling content and positive about the day ahead.
  • Imagine yourself at-peace making big decisions because you know yourself so deeply.
  • Imagine yourself nourishing, moving, and thinking about your body through out the day in a way that feels good.

Caroline is a lifelong intuitive and healer awakening others to their authentic self.

Connect with Carosoul Intuitive Wellness:

She is helping healers and soul-based entrepreneurs master tools, techniques, and practices to create their personal intuitive wellness.

Intuitive Wellness & Ascension Guidance

Intuitive Wellness is knowing how and when to honor and care for yourself because you are in touch with your intuition, a.k.a. your natural instincts. Being connected to self, trusting this sense of knowing, and then being able to act on it, requires identifying and moving through the things that have blocked you from this in the first place.

Anyone can walk this path but it helps to have a guide.

Caroline McCandless

Guide • Intuitive • Spiritual Philosopher

CAROSOUL is named because its offerings originate from a spark in the soul.

Caroline’s path started in childhood doing card readings for her aunts and her intuition and gifts became a part of her personho. Despite these abilities, Caroline still had to face and heal a traumatic past that brought on years of panic attack anxiety, a dark suicidal depression, and a 60 pound weight gain. Finally done with feeling bad, Caroline devoted herself entirely to self healing, which she affectionately calls her “monk years.” Knowing that if she could learn how to get herself out of the hole, she could one day teach others too.

Karen D.

Caroline is a gifted spiritual seer and healer. She has an uncanny way of connecting the dots of what’s going on – for me, this meant similarities with the issues with my mom, my relationship to the business I created 20+ years ago, and also my weight issues that seemed stuck for good. By working with Caroline I was able to see a shift and things started moving and I felt a lot less stuck in many areas of my life. She’s a genius, and you can’t go wrong by having her in your corner.

Linda l.

Caroline is one of the best intuitive coach I’ve worked.  Through working with her, I got clarity with my career decisions, healing from the loss of a family member and a lot of peace within my life.  She is genuine and caring.  When working with her, you can see/feel that she does everything from a place of pure love.  I recommend her 100%.

Mary Le

Caroline is beyond amazing. Actually, amazing is an understatement. I’ve seen her a few times for clarity during a challenging time I was going through and for assistance with letting go of fears to help me move forward with my business plan. She was able to provide me with very clear and accurate insight and guidance. What keeps me coming back though, is that I can feel the sincerity from her heart. Not only is she very good and passionate about what she does, she genuinely want to help others through her gift. I highly recommend her.


Intuitive Wellness

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