You Speak What You Channel

You emit what you channel. Meaning, if you are holding onto a lot of fear, you will emit fear in your energetic frequency.

There are two ways for energy to leave the body once a concept/idea/experience has entered the energy field. Either through speech out of the throat charka or out of the crown chakra after, usually, another round of insights in the third eye.

Channel anger -> Speak out of anger

Channel fear -> Speak out of fear

Channel love -> Speak out of love

Channel peace -> Speak out of peace

To create the world we want to see, we must embody it first. If we want to see generosity and be surrounded by generous people, we must also be generous (this does not mean being boundary-less). If we want to see peace, we must find peace within so we can embody it.

But we need to know where we are starting from.

So when you are in a calm centered space, I want you to listen very closely to what you are hearing and feeling in your body when you hear or read others’ speech. What energetic place are they speaking from? And how can you see that taint the way they deliver information?

And, when you feel you are in a calm space, take note of what energy you are channeling or running in your body by listening to your inner dialogue and the way you speak to others. Are your own words laced with fear or judgement? Where is this rooted inside you?

Awareness is power. We cannot fix something we cannot see. Our inner dialogue (and if you know how to listen for others) will reveal the energy we are running, including our energetic wounds. Approaching learning about ourselves with an exploratory mind will aid in our journey and give us a more detailed picture.

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