What type of Light Warrior are you?

In the spiritual battleground we find ourselves in, different roles of light warriors are emerging. I call it a “war” in the video, but it is more accurately described as an intricate chess game.

The same way an army or a chess pieces operate in different roles to make the whole, the light workers are similarly dispersed into a “division of labor.”

Part of the reason the dark plan and dark forces have been able to get to this point is because passivity and silence has been taken as consent. The information and the truth of what is happening behind the scenes, including crimes against humanity, is available to all. Therefore, by choosing to keep our eyes closed and our lips sealed, we are consenting.

Certain light workers will have a more difficult time seeing this and understanding this darkness due to their particular make up. This does not mean you do not have a valuable role to play but maybe that you are trying to force yourself into a role that is not empowering to your design. We are all being presented with the opportunity to step into our warrior frequency because our intuitions are ringing the alarm that something isn’t quiet right. Stepping into this warrior frequency in a way that is sustainable for you is a personal decision.

Because passivity is consent, we must see and understand what is happening while also honoring the truth of our role. Indigo warriors are wired and better equipped to be on the front lines taking down the “dark” chess pieces than a crystalline. But it is important to understand that the nurses and the cooks that support the soldiers and the generals are just as important as those fighting on the front lines. How can they continue to fight for truth otherwise?

Honoring our unique and individual roles as light warriors is important because this is how we stay in an empowered place and how we carry on. This is how we honor our own light and the Light of all.

The video goes more in-depth of the nature of star seed generations: indigos, crystalline, and rainbow children. As a crystalline, my job is to provide a safe space of light for other star seeds and light workers to recharge and re-center so they can continue to do what they are designed to do.

Carry on, my fellow lights, for we have more journey to travel and we can do it together.


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