A Message for The People 7/26/20

A channeled message from the spiritual guidance:

A message for The People.

A reminder.

“You are not doing what you’re told to.

You are deciding to continue to consent to a government telling you what to do.

Look into John Locke’s idea, which also influenced the Declaration of Independence, that a legitimate government exists by the consent of the people, ‘by the consent of the governed.’

Do your own research. If you don’t have enough evidence that the institutions and structures at hand have your well-being in mind, what do you have evidence of?

So based on the evidence you do have and how you feel about it, knowing that this is enacting your personal power and your freedoms, decide what is best for you. Not just for today. Or for the you of the past, but for all the possible you’s there could be.

It isn’t just about “I don’t feel like it today.” I don’t feel like stepping up today. It is, “When else will I have the freedom to do so if I don’t use it now?”

If your own research proves you right or wrong, don’t you want to know? For you today and for you tomorrow.”

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