An Uncomfortable Truth of truth

Here’s an uncomfortable Truth:

Both perspectives have truths within them.

To be open to opposing truths and using those to evolve our own truths when applicable is growth and evolution.

This does not mean internalizing everything as Truth without our own discernment or never making roots in an aligned value. We must screen everything, even from sources we trust, to see if it is in alignment with our highest good and the highest good of others. For me, this means being rooted in Love over Fear (which is my deepest value). But it is important to understand, the way the magic of Life works, is that other people tend to have what we need. They have an unique and different view, knowledge, and skill set that we don’t have because we are not the same.

To offer truths without an openness to receiving opposing or differing truths is to pursue an echo, not an evolution. This echo gives validation by hearing our own voice reflected back to us. And this feels good and safe but an echo does not evolve as it bounces around. It is a copy of the call that started it.

How can we evolve our society, our institutions, our culture and subcultures, or even individuals if differing sides are only looking to echo their own truth and not evolve it?

How can side A be expected to validate side B’s truths, if side B won’t validate side A’s truths as well?

To receive something, we must also be willing to give that thing. To receive generosity, we must give generosity. To receive respect, we must give respect. To receive openness to our ideas and our worldview, we must also give openness to others’ ideas and worldviews.

Imagine The People, all people – regardless of color, politics, sexual orientation, and any of the other labels and groups we choose to identify and color ourselves with – meeting in the middle saying, “I understand you have valuable truths to offer and so do I. Let’s learn each other’s truths and open to evolving our ideas together.”

We can start today.

You are the power.

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