Social Censorship

Friends! Has anyone else received one of these on your social media recently?

Open up your eyes to what is really happening here.

This message is not a small thing.

Censoring access to information or dictating what information is good and what is “harmful” for the people and controlling the way in which people can think should alarm you.

Use your own critical thinking skills.

If you saw this happening anywhere else in the world, what would you think really?

(Even better, have we seen something like this happen already in the world? 🤔)

Do not sell your life. Passivity and closing your eyes is consent. Look at what makes you uncomfortable.

There is an expression that evil does not prosper because of the deeds of evil. It prospers when the good sit by and do nothing.

Use your thinking caps and explore the following questions. Make your own conclusions.

You are the expert on your life, this includes your access to resources and information. This includes being intentional with what you consume. Your thoughts, feelings, and perspective are valid, no matter what it is.

1) Who benefits from ensuring The People are limited to one type of information? Is it The People, you and me, or someone else?

2) Is this more harmful or beneficial longterm for people to not be given the trust to do their own critical thinking and be able to make decisions based on the information they consume? Are you willing to give up decision making power in other parts of your life? Why is this instance different?

3) What emotions does the language used in this message elicit? Could other language have been used that would create a different emotional response? Why would these emotions be carefully chosen?

4) Marketing uses a tactic to invoke an emotion to make you more likely to buy or believe their message. Does this seem like a similar tactic?

5) Why would it be important to control people by their emotions, specifically by their fear or desire to be accepted/liked? Have you ever made a decision in fear that turned out later to not be ideal for you but at the time all you could feel/see was your fear?

6) By seeing this message, how does it feel knowing you may be susceptible to “harmful false” information? Does it make you want to limit yourself to a “safer” idea of information?

7) And who is this information harmful to anyway if I can think for myself and make decisions for myself?

In my opinion, this tactic can be used for two primary reasons:

– They (“they” who created the message and the parameters of what should be censored) don’t trust you to be able to think for yourself and identify false from true because they think their population is too dumb to see the truth.

– Or they are trying to prevent you from thinking for yourself by dictating to you what is true or false because they think their population is too dumb to see the truth.

Read 1984.

Question everything.

Be strong, my friends.

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