Energy Update


Read the Written Transmission about this portal here.

The Universal energy is asking us to lose sight of the shore we have known to be able to sail to where we want to go. Until August 13th, we are being invited to “fast” or isolate to quiet the input into the body so we can identify our own voice and knowledge and our connection to the greater intelligence around us.

This period of reconnecting back to ourselves is really reconnecting to our POWER and recognizing that we are the POWER. You are the POWER in you life. You are the LIFE FORCE in your life. If you didn’t have so much power, companies and institutions wouldn’t spend so much money on marketing to capture and harness your power and attention. Many of us are afraid to own our POWER because that means letting go of the limited self (and the place we have come to know and how we see ourselves). If we let go of the limited self, we realize that we are limitless and that everything we want is within our POWER. By staying limited though, we can keep ourselves small, which is one of the ways we’ve learned to keep ourselves safe. Your true essence is a limitless being. That is the way you came into this world. When you were a child, you knew and believed you were limitless. The limitations were impressed upon you and learned by authority figures and outside institutions.

To be afraid of owning our POWER, is to be afraid of owning our true self, the limitless, free, and sovereign being.

I will be creating content and working but limiting my personal consumption of outside sources to honor this energetic period of spiritual evolution. Including the intuitive and spiritual leaders I like. I invite you to join me in limiting your consumption of outside resources, as it feels right to you, and in the silence, connect to your inner voice and wisdom.

Join me.

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