A Strong Inner Foundation is More Important Than Ever

If you are clinging to the illusion or false hope that things will go back to “normal” soon or you feel like you are holding your breath until that happens, this is a gentle reminder to let it go.

Exhale and let it all go.

Take a deep breath in of the present moment because we are not going back, folks. There is nothing to go back to. Too many shadows have been unearthed (with still so many more to come) and we haven’t even reached the peak of this shit storm yet. We couldn’t even go back if we tried at this point. The place where we once were has dissolved.

The truth is our outer world is going to continue to change considerably and it’s only getting started.

As all the ancient traditions have prophesized and divined: the end is nigh. As dramatic as that is, is this the end of the world? Of course not. But we are in the transitionary period where “what once was” is still morphing into “what will be.”

I have to tell you “what will be” is AMAZING. We are truly going into the Golden Age but to be compatible and in alignment with this Golden Age of Peace and Prosperity for All, we must purge the shadows, illusions, and limitations that have prevented us from living in that way already. This process is going to take time and be uncomfortable, to put it mildly. Uncomfortable for two reasons: 1) those who are “asleep,” or wish to keep their eyes closed to reality, will have to feel extremely uncomfortable for them to finally “awaken” and 2) facing our shadows (as an individual, a nation, or a planet) is uncomfortable.

With that said, because our outer world will continue to morph; because we cannot stop the breaking of “what was,” for in its ruins we create the space for “what will be;” because we cannot go back to our old ways and continue to move forward with the times; a strong Inner Foundation will be your lifeboat through this tribulation. Well, one of them. A strong Inner Foundation is the starting point to enable the others to be as effective as they can be. The other lifeboats are Community and Connection, Love and Forgiveness, and Self-Sufficiency.

A strong Inner Foundation is a connection to our true Self. Not the face we show the world or our partner or our social media feed. We must reconnect with our authentic self. Many of us have lost our connection to ourselves over the years through an accumulation of the gunk of self-betrayal. We betray ourselves when we say yes when we want to say no; when we modify our behavior for attention, acceptance, or accolades; when we abuse ourselves with words, substances, or behaviors; when we justify and accept abuse from others. This is self-betrayal. This becomes more prominent the less we accept our true Self.

An Inner Foundation will most likely involve something that connects you to the divine, whether that is through meditation or a religious practice or nature time. It involves quiet alone time of self-reflection and self-honesty. It involves small daily actions that build self-trust, like committing to 5 minutes of meditation.  It requires deprogramming our minds and our belief systems from structures that limit us and our potential. The idea that you can’t survive in your dream career or without a 9-5 job is an example of these limiting programs. It requires opening up to the miracles and magic of Life that we have closed ourselves off to by playing it “safe” but in reality we have been domesticated by Fear. It requires bravery to ask ourselves daily: am I operating out of Fear or out of Love? It involves honoring your true Self, which is the Love within you, even when it is hard or unpopular to do so and to nurture ourselves to try again when we do not have the strength.

There are a few critical reasons why a strong Inner Foundation is so important:

  1. When we reject ourselves or aspects of ourselves, we make space for something else to master us because we have not mastered ourselves  (look at my video How Self Judgement Effects your Energy)
  2. If we are not in alignment and operating with Truth inside, we cannot recognize Truth outside of us either (the macrocosm is a reflection of the microcosm). This makes us easily manipulated or deterred.
  3. Being honest with ourselves allows us to evolve and ascend. Without self-honesty, we cannot identify and take responsibility for our wounds, projections, baggage, limitations, etc..
  4. We are more willing and capable of positively adapting to changing circumstances because we do not need to identify or limit ourselves to external labels or statuses when we are strongly connected to our authentic Self.

As mentioned, to enter the Golden Age or the New Earth, we must free ourselves of the things that have prevented us from living in the Golden Age already. This must occur on the macro scale globally. To create a shift in the collective, the individuals that make up the collective must be the shift on the micro scale. This means, as individuals, we are responsible for creating the world we want to see within ourselves first before we can expect to see it in the world around us. You cannot give or create something outside of yourself that you do not already have inside yourself.

The visual my Guidance gave me describes it perfectly. Imagine the Earth is a huge bubble filled with billions of smaller tiny bubbles, representing the 7+ billion people on the planet. Those that are operating from a place of Love are pink bubbles and those operating from Fear are gray bubbles. It is the individuals’ colors that determine the collective color of the Earth bubble. The collective is made of the individuals: the more Love-based individuals there are, the more Love-based the collective will be. Therefore, the color of your unique and individual bubble matters and impacts the color of the whole.

We are often offered gentle lessons before we are given difficult ones. I feel if we do not accept the gentle invitations to go within, to reevaluate the way in which we are living our lives and make the appropriate corrections to be in alignment with our true Selves, we may be forced to do so later with much more discomfort. We are gradually going into the Golden Age. What do you need to do within to live in the Golden Age now?

This is the gentle invitation. If you’ve had that feeling that there is healing to be done and shifts within yourself to be made, this is your gentle invitation.

Welcome to New Earth.

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