Feeling Drained? – Part 2

living in the future or past?

Feeling unusually drained?

[This is Part 2 in a series on feeling drained. Please check out Part 1 – Unequal Exchange.]

Do you know there is a place where we can never be drained?

That place is called the present.

Often times when I am working with people, one of the first things I notice after they mentioned being so drained or foggy headed is that their energy is almost entirely anchored in the past or the future. Our energy flows where our attention goes so when we are focusing on what could happen or on what already happened, we don’t have any energy to make things happen in the present.

There is an expression that anxious thoughts come from living in the future and depressed thoughts come from living in the past. Only by living in the moment can we fully reclaim our energy. If you imagine your vital energy or your life force as a battery and your battery is sitting on the timeline of your life. Where the battery sits on the timeline is the present moment. When you have worries about the future, you send fishing cords into the future to try to figure out what could happen. But these cords cannot plug in or anchor into anything (because the future doesn’t yet exist) and therefore drains your energy into these circular thoughts that have no conclusion or resolution. When you have obsessive thoughts of the past, you send cords into the past and try to plug into certain emotions or states from the past but, once again, they cannot plug in or anchor into anything because the past is gone, leaving you depleted.

The present moment is the only thing that truly exists. When we can bring our entire energy into the moment and unify ourselves into right now, we can reclaim all of our scattered energy. Until we reclaim our vital energy, we will not be able to create anything because we will have no energy to do so. Breath work and meditation are two great practices to do that.

I’m so happy to offer you a resource that combines both!

You can reclaim your energy right now and begin to fill yourself back up by following along with this simple guided meditation.

If you are feeling drained, it’s time collect up your energy and reclaim your life force today! I’m excited to share this guided meditation journey because with the right tools and awareness, anyone can start on the road to living in intuitive wellness today.

Intuitive Wellness, for example, is creating a present you want to live in.

Join me for guidance on the journey to create your own Intuitive Wellness.

Click the button below to diminish the drained feeling and reclaim your energy today!

Follow this Carosoul Inutitive Wellness blog for Part 3 of this Drained Series next week and discover the third reason you could be feeling unusually drained!

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