Intuitive Message For You

During the Corona Virus Period

I explain the same thing in the video so if you take only one thing from this message take this:

This time will pass.

We can put faith in the fact that this time will pass. Why? Because everything passes. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. The Beautiful. It all passes. We are experiencing this right now but it won’t be forever. Every minute that goes by we are coming closer to the end of this weird between period of the before this and the after this. So hang on. Read my post about being seaweed through this.

As we go through this, don’t forget who you are. You can do this!

You can get through this and we can do it together as a people. You as an individual carry the blood of all your ancestors that have conquered, adventured, and took risks to strive for more for themselves and for their loved ones with no guarantee of success. But still they carried on. Your ancestors actually fought through the discomforts of survival so you can be so insulated from risk today. No matter what happens, you carry the blood of people that survived many winters and thrived through many springs and summers in your veins.

If this moment has illuminated anything, I feel, it has become glaringly obvious that our emotions and thinking can be too easily dictated by an outside source. Most don’t have much self-mastery as we have witnessed from the panicking. If someone or something else can manipulate your emotions, you’re easily controlled. That’s it. This can work with positive emotions too, not just with fear and panic. Ever started liking someone just because they complimented and flattered you?

If something outside of yourself can influence what you feel, think, or believe (especially about yourself), how much autonomy and self-mastery do you really have? I’m not talking about taking in evidence and re-evaluating with your own thinking. Being able to evolve ideas as you learn new things is an important skill of a balanced, growth-minded person. Being controlled by an outside source means: taking information in without filtering it through your own discernment or doing your own research before taking it in as absolute. Maybe this is because we’ve all been trained from a young age not to trust our intuition, despite experiencing negative consequences from not listening to our guts. Or maybe this is because we don’t trust ourselves enough to listen (but this is for another post).

As my friend and coach Teresa says, “you are the expert of your own life.” You have the option to take advantage of this temporary slow-down time to work on your own self-regulation and come back to your connection with self because this time will pass. We need to be in touch with our own intuition to be able to access to that natural “body lie detector,” so to speak. Your body knows when something isn’t right (also for another post). We’ve all experienced this. Getting in touch with yourself and learning to self-regulate will bring you back in alignment with your own intuition.

This is a winter period for the world.

I prefer to call it a winter because this time will pass and evolve into the next phase. We can meet the energy of this slow down and shedding period with what it’s asking for: reevaluation and reflection. We need to make time for these things so we know how what steps to take when the time to rebuild comes because the spring/blossoming period will come. Maybe not right away but it will. Read my “Where are we out of alignment?” post for reevaluating and illuminating questions about our relationship with our body and our health.

The physical separation and the feeling of resource-scarcity highlights both the necessity and healing aspect of a community connection. Would we be stockpiling like crazy if we knew we could lean on a neighborhood for help? Is Netflix and chill by ourselves really so amazing when it is forced upon us for a month? Don’t get me wrong. I’m a hardcore introvert and need solo time to recharge. The truth is: we are social animals and, no matter how introverted you are, healthy and safe human connections are part of total health. Through this trial we can come back to that tribe mentality. Not in “us vs them,” but a team mentality. We are going through this as a humanity, not as a nationality or a race or a location. You are not alone going through this. Reaching out to your community and saying to each other, “I have your back,” (inspired by Traver Boehm on this) takes away that panic and fear of the unknown because the weight is shared.

I will be hosting a virtual community mediation groups during this period. To join me for some of that collective energy, send me your email to get access to that invitation link or contact me here.

Lastly, you choose what this moment means for your life. As you do for every moment. If you use this trial as an excuse to give up mentally/emotionally/spiritually and reconfirm the victim identity, that’s your choice. Or you can recognize that this is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Some of us will use this soil of discomfort to create a thriving garden. What separates these two paths is choice.

Discomfort is the environment for growth.

You have two choices moving forward:

You can take advantage of this opportunity of forced growth by facing your shadows/your fears/your demons and come out the other side stronger and lighter.


You can choose to let this wave of opportunity pass you and be buried in the same place where you started.

Up to you. By the way, not choosing is also a choice. 😉

You have to understand that this just is a thing for you to live through. Like every generation before us. This is not a thing that is happening to you or to ruin you or to prove how unworthy you are. It is a challenge from the Universe to see if you can grow into that highest version of you that is being called forward in this moment.

Are you ready to answer the call?

I’m here to awaken the divine in others. If you need help or guidance, that is my work. Contact me.

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Be well and take care of yourself.



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